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Come to Louise's Oatlands studio and relax, as she takes beautiful portraits of your newborn. You will receive 25 full resolution files to print at your leisure, as well as 25 web-sized files for sharing on a USB. This is a very limited offer to celebrate the return of Louise from maternity leave. Book now to avoid disappointment.

The following conditions apply:

  1. Baby must be less than 3 weeks old
  2. The session is limited to immediate family only (siblings and parents)
  3. You will receive 25 retouched images
  4. Family photos are limited to one sibling shot, one parents shot, and one shot with each parent. The remainder of the gallery will be baby alone.
  5. You will be required to agree to Louise using the images for sharing and promotion.

Contact Louise now to book your session, as these sessions will book out fast and are limited.



An update from me...

It's been a very long time since I've updated my blog, so let me tell you a bit about what has been going on.

Late in 2016, I discovered that I was pregnant with my fifth child. Very early into this pregnancy, I had complications with my pelvis. It's a pregnancy condition called pubis symphysis dysfunction or SPD for short. Most women don't get this at all. Some women have it mildly. Unfortunately, it was very severe for me. I had to stop working and at times, I required a walker to move around. Often, this condition resolves immediately when baby arrives, but a small number of cases have ongoing complications and require ongoing care. Unfortunately, this is also the category that I fall into. Hence the reason that I have had so much time away from my photography business. I have slowly been recovering and I have commenced the journey to reestablish my business.

But...for the lovely news. On 4th July 2017, we welcomed our precious baby girl, Ava into the world. I had the most intense, but lovely birth, and she was delivered into a birthing pool. I pulled her head out of the water, and she didn't make a sound. She simply stared at us and drank in our love. She has been a lovely addition to our family.

I will now spam you with a year's worth of images of our beautiful girl.

SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-6.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 2).jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-2.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-7.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-3.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-4.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-8.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-9.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-11.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-13.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-14.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-15.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-16.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-17.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-19.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-20.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-21.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-22.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-23.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-24.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-25.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-26.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-28.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-32.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-33.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-34.jpg
SydneyHillsNewbornPhotographer (1 of 1)-35.jpg

It blows my mind how much they grow in one short year!

Watch this space for information on upcoming bookings and a huge re-opening special!!!

Newborn studio in Oatlands

For a very long time, I travelled to clients homes for newborn sessions. There are some advantages to this. The main advantage is that Mum and Dad don't have to worry about packing up and heading out the door for their photoshoot. However, there are many advantages to the studio model. The main advantage is that I can have consistency of light. By using my lights, I know and control the space to produce the best lit images possible. Another advantage is that all of my props, hats, blankets and accessories are available should anyone ask for them. For these reasons, I am formally shifting my newborn focus from that of an on-location photographer, to a studio based one. My home studio is located in Oatlands. Most people haven't heard of Oatlands. It's a small, leafy suburb nestled between Carlingford, North Rocks, Dundas and North Parramatta. It's a short drive from the Inner West, including Concord, Canada Bay, Picnic Point and the Hills area, including Castle Hill and Baulkham Hills.

In the short term, I will still continue to service Sydney as a mobile Sydney newborn photographer. When the studio is established, I will make a decision as to whether or not this is a service I will continue with.

I look forward to bringing you some progress photos of my little studio coming to life. We will be having a mini version of "The Block" going on here. In the meantime, I've been practicing using the space with some little clients.

This is sweet baby Lewis. Lewis came to the studio with Mum and Grandma, and he was a dream for my inaugural studio newborn shoot. I hope you love Lewis' images as much as I do.


Big sister, little brother

I am trying to convince this Mamma to have another baby, given she makes such cute ones!! They were both born with a head full of hair and beautiful, full cheeks. I am told that Olivia is a little bit naughty, but I can't believe it, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!! For this session, I wanted to try out a new digital backdrop. It's nice to add something new to a newborn photography session, but given that I drive all around Sydney for newborn sessions, it's often hard to get lots of props to the clients' home. With the benefit of photoshop, we can create these beautiful images without the stress of moving baby around. I am planning to add more to my composite collection, which I am sure will make my husband happy, as we might not have quite as many purchases coming through the door!! Watch this space.

I hope you love these pictures of big sister Olivia and her adorable brother Charlie. Don't you think they should have just one more (nb, I can't be held responsible if 'just one more' turns into twins, as it did for us!)

Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-2Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-1Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-6Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-5Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-4Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-3

Two sweet boys to love

I met these two adorable boys and their gorgeous Mamma's in their Western Sydney home. They were doing many of life's most stressful things at once, including renovating, raising a busy toddler and adding a sweet baby boy to their family. I love to be creative and make my props. Sometimes I knit, sometimes I crochet, sometimes I collect branches from the bush and cut my hands sawing and creating baby hammocks (true story, I still have the scar to show for it). This time, I wanted to make an egg that I could pose the baby in. The egg, of course, symbolises new life, and what's more beautiful than the new life of a newborn baby. I loved playing around with this new prop. I also got simple poses and pictures with his big brother, with the most amazing coloured eyes you've ever seen!

I hope you love these images as much as I do.

Concord Newborn Photographer Concord Newborn Photographer-7 Concord Newborn Photographer-12 Concord Newborn Photographer-13 Concord Newborn Photographer-9 Concord Newborn Photographer-10 Concord Newborn Photographer-11 Concord Newborn Photographer-1 Concord Newborn Photographer-2 Concord Newborn Photographer-4 Concord Newborn Photographer-6 Concord Newborn Photographer-8 Concord Newborn Photographer-9 Concord Newborn Photographer-3

The importance of cropping

When modern cameras take pictures, they are taken so that they are in a 2:3 ratio. This means that the long side is 1.5 times longer than the short side. The images that you receive when you purchase digital files from me are in this native ratio. When you are printing in any combination of the 2:3 ratio, your image will print exactly as you see it on the screen. Common sizes at this ratio are 4x6, 8x12 and 16x24.

When you are printing, you are often given many more options that just the 2:3 ratio. If I believe that an image should be printed in a certain way, I will often give you this suggestion in addition to the native file on your USB. For example, this image would lend itself nicely to a square print.


Some images cannot be printed well at certain sizes. This image is beautiful at the native ratio of 2:3

Hills Newborn Photographer-Eg_950

However, if we print it as a 5x7", we get too close to the subject and the print won't look optimal.

Hills Newborn Photographer-57_950

If we print it at 8x10", we now lose some of the image and it is ruined.

Hills Newborn Photographer-810_950

So please take this into account when you are selecting images for your walls and when you are printing at the lab or online. This following image shows how much of the image will be seen at these common sizes.


Sydney Beach Maternity Photography

As a Sydney maternity photographer, I'm always asked where I think the best place is for our photoshoot. Without hesitation, I always say, the beach. Sydney has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I love taking advantage of this with maternity photography. Beach photography is my favourite for maternity and family photoshoots. There are so many wonderful beaches in Sydney, but I have been drawn to Coogee for some time now. I know its every nook and cranny by now. I was particularly excited for this session to try out my maternity dresses that I made for the shoot. As illustrated on my Facebook page, I've been in a creative bubble lately, making lots of maternity gowns and newborn props. Lincraft had a sale on material over the weekend, so I intend to make a couple of snug gowns, to show off the beautiful curves of the pregnant woman and the baby bump, and I've got some lace to try my hand at a robe.

This stunning maternity mumma-to-be was the perfect model for my new dresses, she couldn't look more beautiful and radiant. I hope you love these images as much as I do.


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Beautiful curly newborn boy | Sydney newborn photographer

It was a warm summer day in Sydney as I drove to this newborn baby photography session by the beach. I first met his family a couple of years ago, in my home studio in Oatlands, in the western suburbs of Sydney. They were a small family of 3 and were just getting used to the newborn phase. I was curious to meet little Oliver, to see if he would look like his older brother, and in many ways he did. He was just delightful and I loved seeing his family grow and move to a beautiful beachside home to enjoy the sun. He slept so beautifully and stretched and moved and I moved him from pose to pose. We baby photographers have names for our poses, like nighty night, bum-up, and of course, the taco pose, named because we pretty much fold the baby in half! Big brother was great when we came to do the sibling shot. When we asked him to 'give the baby a kiss', we got a very cute open mouthed kiss! Hey, we're keeping it real! He happily slid in beside Dad and his brother, and without being asked, he pretended to sleep, just like Daddy and baby brother. I hope you love the images of sweet, little Oliver as much as I do.

five dock baby photographer, negative space, newborn baby five dock baby photographer, baby in a box five dock baby photographer, macro baby picture five dock baby photographer, bum up pose, sleeping babyfive dock baby photographer, baby head on arms pose five dock baby photographer, baby bum up pose five dock baby photographer, baby wrinkles five dock baby photographer, nighty night pose five dock baby photographer, nighty night pose five dock baby photographer, nighty night pose five dock baby photographer, negative space, newborn babyfive dock baby photographer five dock baby photographer burwood baby photographer, siblings burwood baby photographer, mother and baby burwood baby photographer, father and his sons

What to wear for our family photoshoot

I think the number one question clients ask me is 'what should we wear'. The answer is very individual to the family, so I thought I would take you through my thought processes on how to select outfits and how to shop for the missing pieces. For Christmas, my mother in law asked for a wallet sized picture of her five grandsons. So my mission was to create some beautiful images of all of them, and individual ones, so that I could make up a small brag book for her handbag.

The first thing I wanted to think of was what will I be using the images for? Given it was a brag book, matching colours to decor wasn't going to be important. If you are doing your photoshoot so that you can put artwork on your wall, it's really important to ask yourself what type of images will suit the space. If your decor is loud and colourful, pastels won't be a good match. Neutral spaces are pretty safe, and most colours will be fine, but you might want to think about a splash of colour. You can also pay attention to the environment you want to shoot in. Personally, I adore beach photography, so I wanted to take the boys to the beach. I knew I would be shooting in the golden hour, and so the colours would be soft and light and airy. This formed the basis of my colour palette.

For boys, I love the gentleman look. I love linens, and button up shirts. I never recommend matching outfits, as they tend to look like 'uniforms'. You want to select pieces that compliment one another and are representative of each individual. I went through their wardrobes looking for pieces to match my vision. I also asked my sister in law to bring around what she had for her little one. We laid them all out on the dining table and discussed what we liked about all the pieces. We took photos, so we would know what we had and what we needed and we did a little inventory for each boy. I will attach a couple of pictures. They are just iPhone shots, but it will give you an idea of what we were aiming for.

Family photoshoot what to wear1

Sometimes, I will create colour boards, mood boards or pinterest boards for clients, particularly for extended family sessions. For this shoot, I had the following vision for the colours:

Family photoshoot what to wear2

We then went off to the shops to find the missing pieces. We were heading to H&M as they have beautiful pieces that are very affordable. (I am not sponsored by them!) Luckily, we found everything we wanted in a relatively short period of time. We took over the shop, laying out all of the clothes beside each other, working out what we thought would work together. Some were obvious and we kept, others were obvious and we put them back, and a few we couldn't decide on, so we decided to buy extra pieces and return any we didn't want.

We ended up with this clothes rack, ready for our photoshoot.

Family photoshoot what to wear3

One last word of warning, as we were about to head out, I realised that I would be shooting at the little one's dinner time - fail! So I fed him some weetbix to fill his belly before we went out. Never have a hungry child at a photoshoot.

When we arrived at Coogee beach, heads turned. These handsome, well dressed men looked so beautiful and were a stark contrast to the sun-drenched beach goers at the end of their Sydney day out at the beach! The following images are some of my favourites from the shoot, and I think you can see how my vision of "linens, button-up shirts, gentlemen and soft, light and airy" came to fruition. I hope this can help you when you are considering what to wear for your family photoshoot.

Precious Little Sitter

Though I love newborn photography, with their tiny features and sweet curly bodies, equally, I love the baby stage where they are sitting up but they aren't on the move quite yet. At this age, they are so genuine. They can give you the serious, "what are you doing look", quickly followed by the gorgeous giggly laugh. Even the "get me outta here Mum" cries are so cute and beautiful at this age. It doesn't last long before they are on the move and toddling off to explore the world. When this sweet girl arrived, her Mum told me she was getting tired and was due for a nap. I was sure we would have to postpone. We didn't. We just moved quickly and got so many beautiful shots of her before she went home for a nap. I love how she goes from serious to laughing within a few frames. She is such a gorgeous babe with a head full of hair!

If you would like to book a little sitter session for your baby, you can find the information you need HERE

Sydney Baby Photographer-1 Sydney Baby Photographer-13 Sydney Baby Photographer-18 Sydney Baby Photographer-3 Sydney Baby Photographer-6 Sydney Baby Photographer-9 Sydney Baby Photographer-5 Sydney Baby Photographer-2 Sydney Baby Photographer-17 Sydney Baby Photographer-4 Sydney Baby Photographer-16 Sydney Baby Photographer-7 Sydney Baby Photographer-15 Sydney Baby Photographer-8 Sydney Baby Photographer-14 Sydney Baby Photographer-10 Sydney Baby Photographer-12 Sydney Baby Photographer-11