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<p style="font-size: 16px;">HOW THE BABY REGISTRY WORKS</p>

1)  When you book a newborn session with Reflections by Louise photography, you can access the complimentary baby registry service.
2)  Louise can mail you Registry Cards to include in your baby shower invitations, or you can share this page with your family and friends.
3)  Your loved ones can choose a gift to the amount they desire, and a gift card will be shipped directly to you, or to them so that they can present it to you at your baby shower. 
4)  You can enjoy spending your balance at ordering time on any products or collections you wish!

It's that simple!

<p style="font-size: 16px;">FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS</p>

It is difficult to find that perfect baby shower gift for your friend or loved one. What does she need, what are her tastes and what does she already have? Given that she has already booked her newborn session, you know that photography is something she loves and cherishes. Your decision to help her preserve the memories of her baby; their tiny toes, sweet button nose and curled up body, is the perfect gift! She will enjoy it every time she passes by the wall with her baby's images on it. 

The process is very easy, simply fill out the form below, click submit, pay via paypal and your certificate will be sent to you.


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