Lou's couchI am so happy to be partnering with My Pro Photo, so that you can print your images using a professional lab. They are slightly more expensive than you are used to at the kiosk, but you are paying for quality. This is most important for images that will be placed on your walls. Below are the steps to using My Pro Photo.

Step 1: Go to My Pro Photo - www.myprophoto.com.au

Step 2: Click on the picture of the iMac, with the words "Download Now"

Step 3: Select the download option applicable to you (Mac or PC)

Step 4: Open the file downloaded onto your computer, and follow the prompts to install it. Please note, this step might take a while.

Step 5: Open My Pro Photo, if it doesn't automatically open.

Step 6: On the far right side, under My Account, please enter the code 31265. You may need to logout of account 00000 and log back in again*

Step 7: You can now browse around the software and select the products you wish. When you are in the software, you select your products from up the top, the sizes from the left and you can simply drag and drop the images you would like to use.

* Disclaimer: When you use my account code, I receive a small commission. Please know, this is not my motivation. My motivation is to ensure that you have the most beautiful artwork available to you.

Some useful links:

Sizing: Most photography sites quote sizes in inches. Given that Australians generally work in centimetres, you may wish to download this very helpful (and free) app https://appsto.re/au/rqgaab.i (This was written by my son, who was 12 when he wrote it!!)

How large should I print?: Sometimes, it's hard to know how large to print. I highly recommend cutting a newspaper or butchers paper to the sizes you are considering. Blue tac them to the wall and stand back to see if you think they are the right size for the room. Most of the time, the decision becomes obvious when you do this.

Cropping: Depending on the size you are printing, you may lose parts of the image. Please keep this in mind when you are selecting your image size. In My Pro Photo, you can click on your picture, and move it around to select the crop you want. For further discussion about cropping, please read this.