Looking 10 years younger | Sydney Glamour Photographer

Which one of these facts is true? A. The Pope is Catholic

B. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone

C. The new Nikon D800 has 36.3 MP

D. The woman in the following images has an 18 year old

E. All of the above.


Yes, the answer is, all of the above. It is hard to imagine that this gorgeous woman has an 18 year old. I would like to take the credit for Melissa looking so young, but the secret is, she has fantastic genetics, so we were already off to a great start. Then Amanda from Glamorous by Amanda arrived and did an amazing job on the make over.

When women enquire about photography sessions, I am often asked "do you retouch using photoshop". The truth is, yes I do. But you would be surprised how little retouching is required. Firstly, the makeover itself is a large part of the experience. Once clients have their hair and makeup done, they already look amazing. Secondly, I have spent many, many hours learning lighting and posing women to accentuate their beauty. Throughout the shoot, I carefully pose clients to make sure that they are looking their best. So, when I come to edit the photos, I am only concerned with polishing the image rather than changing the subject. There still is a lot of work in post processing, however, the editing work focuses more on sculpting the light and working tonal interest into the image, rather than changing who the person is.

For Melissa's photoshoot, I wanted to create a fashion feel so edited with heavier contrast than normal. You can see from Melissa's before and after, she is already a beautiful woman. We simply take a beautiful woman and let her shine.