Have yourself a merry Aussie Christmas... | Sydney Photographer

I was originally born in Dublin, Ireland and we moved to Australia when I was a child. I do love being an Aussie. I love the lifestyle, the weather and the laid back nature of the people. But.....Christmas has never felt the same. I am used to waking up a cold Christmas morning, running down the stairs to open the presents. We would light the fire and huddle around and enjoy our gifts. For dinner, it was traditional all the way. Cooked turkey and ham with roast vegetables and all the trimmings. We try to continue this tradition in Australia, but cooking a hot meal when it is often so hot outside, is probably quite silly. We sit around our air conditioned dining table, eating traditional hot food and fanning ourselves. For quite a few years, we didn't even have an air conditioner, so the exercise was even more futile! Still, I won't venture into "the grass is greener on the other side". The truth is, there are amazing things about both countries, so you have to focus on the positive. I did spend a Christmas in Ireland as an adult, and I was lucky enough to get snow. Hopefully, I will get to experience it again with my children.

So....with that as a back story, I decided to fully embrace Aussie culture for the 2012 Christmas photo. What's more Australian than a lifesaver on the beach? So, I give you, my little Aussie lifesavers.