Acrylic Collage | Oatlands Family Photographer

When my client from Oatlands hired me, she had a very clear vision of what she wanted. "A large black and white collage with 30 odd images of my family being natural". It was a very specific brief. In order to achieve her brief, we had to have a lot of fun. We took photos in the bedrooms, the lounge, the park, and outside. We ended the session with a big splash into the pool. It was so much fun! Collaboration on the collage was a team effort and was the result of a few meetings over coffee. I love the final result. It is a 1.5 metre by 0.9 metre family heirloom on acrylic. I cannot express how amazing this image looks. I literally had tears in my eyes when I opened it. My clients' vision was amazing and I am so proud of what we achieved together.

This is the final collage:

Oatlands Family PhotographerHere are some images of us having fun along the way...

Oatlands Family Photographer1 Oatlands Family Photographer2 Oatlands Family Photographer3 Oatlands Family Photographer4 Oatlands Family Photographer5 Oatlands Family Photographer6 Oatlands Family Photographer7 Oatlands Family Photographer8 Oatlands Family Photographer9 Oatlands Family Photographer9b