Anne Geddes photographer (perhaps not)

When my son was born 11 years ago, I took him to have his portraits taken at the local shopping centre. When I got the pictures back, I was disappointed. They weren't very 'him'. Although I wasn't a photographer at the time, it was a hobby of mine, so I figured we could have our own photoshoot. I took the laundry basket, put a pillow in it and covered it with a soft blanket. I took lots of photos. Some with teddy bears all around him and some artistic ones with my film SLR with black and white film in it. Black and white film always was my favourite. I thought I was the Anne Geddes of Sydney! Who knew then I would become a newborn photographer!

I recently photographed a baby boy that reminded me of my son. They look quite similar. So I pulled out the old photographs to compare. I realise now, I wasn't quite Anne Geddes :D

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