Big sister, little brother

I am trying to convince this Mamma to have another baby, given she makes such cute ones!! They were both born with a head full of hair and beautiful, full cheeks. I am told that Olivia is a little bit naughty, but I can't believe it, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!! For this session, I wanted to try out a new digital backdrop. It's nice to add something new to a newborn photography session, but given that I drive all around Sydney for newborn sessions, it's often hard to get lots of props to the clients' home. With the benefit of photoshop, we can create these beautiful images without the stress of moving baby around. I am planning to add more to my composite collection, which I am sure will make my husband happy, as we might not have quite as many purchases coming through the door!! Watch this space.

I hope you love these pictures of big sister Olivia and her adorable brother Charlie. Don't you think they should have just one more (nb, I can't be held responsible if 'just one more' turns into twins, as it did for us!)

Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-2Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-1Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-6Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-5Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-4Castle Hill Newborn Photographer-3