Three of a kind is a winning hand | Sydney Newborn Photographer

I have photographed this Glenhaven family three times now, for each of their gorgeous newborn boys. They all look so alike and are so handsome…and as an aside, I’ve noticed that when I photograph families with all the same sex children, they are exceptionally beautiful, or perhaps I’m just biased because I had four boys!

I’ve met with Mum a few times and we instantly connected. It was nice in our first session, when Mum felt so comfortable that I was looking after her baby, that she had a little nap in the corner! Well, she can't really nap at the moment, with three busy boys, but one day she will, and she will be their Queen.

I loved the way the light fell on this gorgeous boy and I loved how he slept through the mayhem of children running around and visitors coming and going.

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