Top 10 tips for taking great photos of the kids

I often get asked how to get great photos of the kids. So I will give you my 10 tips for getting great images. Keep reading, as there's a gift at the bottom of the post. Tip 1: Keep your camera handy. Keep it on the counter or in your handbag but never tuck it away in a drawer. You want it close by for those times where you want to capture the moment.

 Tip 2: Get down on their level so they can look directly into the camera. How many images do you have of your children looking up at you?

Tip 3: Leave the cheese for the fridge! Smiles are not necessary for a beautiful portrait.

Tip 4: Timing is key. The only child who photographs well when they are sleepy, is a newborn. All other children should be fresh, fed and happy!

Tip 5: Make it fun! This has personally been one of the things that I have found most successful with my children. We laugh and we have fun. If they tell me they don't want to do it, I never force them. This way, it is never seen as a bad experience. Sometimes, they even ask me for a photoshoot because they are so much fun!

(Please note: some of these images are photoshopped. It's a part of the fun!)

Tip 6: Focus on the eyes. The eyes should be the sharpest part of your image. So when you are pressing the button to lock in focus, your main point of focus should be the eye of the person closest to the camera.

Tip 7: To make the eyes sparkle, make sure you are getting light into them. Light reflecting in the eyes are called "catch-lights". This makes the eyes become as bright as possible and draws our eye toward them.

Tip 8: Capture the sweet moments, not just the posed ones. These are the ones that will make your heart melt years later when you look back on them.

Tip 9: Unless you have an off-camera flash, turn your flash off and get close to the window or another source of natural light. Natural light is softer and is more flattering than the flash on your camera. Having more light allows your camera to have a higher shutter speed and therefore, less blur, so get close to a large door or window to allow lots of light to envelop your subject.

Tip 10: Keeping shooting regularly. The children grow quickly and these photos will soon become your most valued possession.

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Happy snapping!