Newborn studio in Oatlands

For a very long time, I travelled to clients homes for newborn sessions. There are some advantages to this. The main advantage is that Mum and Dad don't have to worry about packing up and heading out the door for their photoshoot. However, there are many advantages to the studio model. The main advantage is that I can have consistency of light. By using my lights, I know and control the space to produce the best lit images possible. Another advantage is that all of my props, hats, blankets and accessories are available should anyone ask for them. For these reasons, I am formally shifting my newborn focus from that of an on-location photographer, to a studio based one. My home studio is located in Oatlands. Most people haven't heard of Oatlands. It's a small, leafy suburb nestled between Carlingford, North Rocks, Dundas and North Parramatta. It's a short drive from the Inner West, including Concord, Canada Bay, Picnic Point and the Hills area, including Castle Hill and Baulkham Hills.

In the short term, I will still continue to service Sydney as a mobile Sydney newborn photographer. When the studio is established, I will make a decision as to whether or not this is a service I will continue with.

I look forward to bringing you some progress photos of my little studio coming to life. We will be having a mini version of "The Block" going on here. In the meantime, I've been practicing using the space with some little clients.

This is sweet baby Lewis. Lewis came to the studio with Mum and Grandma, and he was a dream for my inaugural studio newborn shoot. I hope you love Lewis' images as much as I do.


The Milkiest skin the the world | sydney newborn photographer

I met little Daniella when she was already a few weeks old. I was stunned by how milky and smooth her skin was. When you see her, you just want to rub your finger over her cheeks...what a precious baby girl. One thing I loved about this client was that she took her time to find a reputable sydney photographer. There are a lot of photographers out there; some are cheaper, some are more expensive, some offer digital files, some have studios and some come to you. It is really important to hire the photographer that is right for your needs. Ask yourself what is most important. If quality of the imagery is very important, you will need to be flexible with price; if props are important to you, you will need to look through the portfolio of the photographers on your shortlist to see if their props match your vision. Some photographers have very colourful images and backgrounds, and others (like me) have more natural textures and props. There is no one photographer for everyone, and it is important for you to do a little research so that you find the photographer that is a match for you.

Daniella's Mum called me and asked me a host of questions before she hired me. I assume she did this with a shortlist of photographers. Please don't ever be afraid to, we never mind answering questions. In fact, I was so impressed with her dedication to finding a photographer for her baby girl, and I was very pleased she chose me. They purchased the gold collection, so they were very satisfied clients.

Now let me share some beautiful photos of gorgeous Daniella and her lovely parents.

NewbornGirl1 NewbornGirl2 NewbornGirl3 NewbornGirl4 NewbornGirl5 NewbornGirl6 NewbornGirl7 NewbornGirl8 NewbornGirl9 NewbornGirl10 NewbornGirl11 NewbornGirl12 NewbornGirl13