Behind the scenes | Sydney Family Photographer

I had a few private messages and emails about the following image, so I thought I would give a behind the scenes look at what my vision was and how this image was created. A little bit of background first...when it comes to photography, I like clean lines, clean processing and uncluttered imagery. I have been trying to push myself lately, both in terms of imagery and processing. I am pushing my vision of styling the shoot and telling the story. I am also playing more with post processing, to try and enhance the story telling.

My vision for this shoot was a boy in a boat. He is on an adventure and is looking out to the distance, contemplating what is ahead, what is in the future. My vision had a whimsical feel. And with that in mind, I headed out with my 5 year old twins into the bush.

This is the plate shot, the basis of the image.

Waterfall, hunts creek, boy in a boat

This is a pretty magic setting in Carlingford, but still, I wanted something more whimsical. I wanted the water to be more misty. I knew I needed a slower shutter speed to make it happen. I was going to experiment with my flash, to see how far I could lower the shutter speed, however, it was a cold day and I didn't want my son to have to wait in the cold as I experimented with my equipement, so I decided a composite would do. My tripod broke (yes, everything was going against me that day), so I used a rock as a tripod to get this image, which became the water shot.

Waterfall, hunts creek, boy in a boat

I knew I wanted the boat to have a sail, so I made one from some material I have for my newborn shoots, and a stick we found on the way into the bush. My twins helped create the image.

Waterfall, hunts creek, boy in a boat

And finally, I got one of the boys into the boat in the pose I had in mind.

Waterfall, hunts creek, boy in a boat

I took all of these images into photoshop and merged them together. This process was quite time consuming, as I was quite specific with what I wanted my image to be. So there was plenty of cloning, masking and patching to make the final image just right. This is the final result and I was so pleased that it turned out very close to my original vision.

Waterfall, hunts creek, boy in a boat

A sister is a friend for life | Sydney Family Photographer

I photographed two very beautiful sisters. I originally had a vision for a ballerina on black. We then incorporated the chair and became a bit more funky/contemporary. And the Mum brought along the sweetest pink dress so I knew I needed to photograph that against something much softer, so I used my bone backdrop. This Mum has impeccable taste in clothes. That, coupled with the most beautiful girls and it really is so easy to photograph them.

As many of you know, my favourite product by far is acrylic wall mounts. The image looks like it is printed on glass and comes ready to hang.  I know it sounds cliche to say it has the wow factor, but it literally does. When people walk into a home with acrylic, they gasp 'wow'!

We had the images in the chair printed on acrylic and they look amazing!

Here are a few images from our session.

The acrylic wall mounts:

Sleeping beauty...