Triple the love | Sydney Newborn Photographer

So many people have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this fabulous trio for the longest time! These beautiful rainbow babies made their way into the world just hours after our maternity shoot. This is the second time this has happened, so perhaps if you are overdue and are ready to deliver, book in a maternity photoshoot with me to get things moving along!! Given I have had twins myself, I have a good understanding of the special relationship that multiples have, and we wanted to capture that with at least one photo of the trio, and one of the identical sisters. The triplets were 11 weeks old by the time we got to scheduling their session, so we needed many assistants to help out ensuring that they were happy and relaxed for their photos. They are the sweetest and cutest trio I've ever met and I look forward to photographing them again, and watching their little personalities develop.

Triplets-2 Triplets-4 Triplets-1-2 Newborn Triplets-2-2 Newborn Triplets-1-4 Identical twin girls-2 Identical twin girls-1 Newborn Triplets-1-3Newborn Triplets-1-2 Newborn Triplets-1-5Newborn Triplets-3-2Newborn Triplets-2-3 Newborn Triplets-4Newborn Triplets-3Newborn Triplets-2