Precious Little Sitter

Though I love newborn photography, with their tiny features and sweet curly bodies, equally, I love the baby stage where they are sitting up but they aren't on the move quite yet. At this age, they are so genuine. They can give you the serious, "what are you doing look", quickly followed by the gorgeous giggly laugh. Even the "get me outta here Mum" cries are so cute and beautiful at this age. It doesn't last long before they are on the move and toddling off to explore the world. When this sweet girl arrived, her Mum told me she was getting tired and was due for a nap. I was sure we would have to postpone. We didn't. We just moved quickly and got so many beautiful shots of her before she went home for a nap. I love how she goes from serious to laughing within a few frames. She is such a gorgeous babe with a head full of hair!

If you would like to book a little sitter session for your baby, you can find the information you need HERE

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