A boy and his teddy

My beautiful son came down with chicken pox this week. All of my children are immunised, so I was shocked when I saw those unmistakeable spots all over his body. I took him to the Dr, partly in disbelief and partly in denial. The Dr confirmed what I knew deep down, and told me that he would beed to be off school for the week. We have been spending some quality time together, as I can't take him out in public. Yesterday, we went for a mini photo shoot, to capture a vision I have had in my mind for a while. I generally hate gender stereotypes, and I wanted an image that dispelled the 'rough and tumble, noisy and dirty' stereotype that can typically be associated with boy. Instead, I wanted to bring out the soft and caring, soulful and sweet aspect of maleness. I just love how these turned out and I think they are true to his sweet little personality. The only downside, was that I needed some extra retouching to remove the chicken pox.

Sweet boy and his teddy bearBoy and his teddy