Stunning little family | Sydney Family Photographer

When I turn up to a newborn photoshoot and the Dad has tattoos, I get a little excited as I find a way to ask the question "would you like a shot with the baby without your shirt on?" To date, every Dad has. I guess there's no point in spending all of that money on a tattoo to not show it off, right? The reason I love tattoos, in the newborn shoot especially, is because of the juxtaposition of the edgy tattoo that represents life’s experiences, against the precious, new, innocent newborn. These images make my heart sing. So what is better than a handsome Dad with tattoos and his baby? When you learn that the stunning Mum has a tattoo as well and she is willing to trust you and let you execute the vision in your head. I rarely, if ever, suggest that a new Mum takes her shirt off. But wow, this Momma looks amazing! It is hard to believe she has a 3 week old!

Congratulations guys. You are a lovely family and it was a pleasure being invited in to capture the first memories of your family.