Gorgeous maternity model | Sydney Maternity Photographer

I had a shoot with a model who needed updated maternity images for her portfolio. Needless to say, she was absolutely stunning! On the day of the shoot, the clouds were dark. As the day progressed, the clouds became darker and darker, until they were charcoal grey. It started to rain as I unloaded the car and the interior space that we planned to use was dark.

Then...I discovered the courtyard. It was enclosed, to keep us dry but it had an opening that let in the light in the most beautiful way. I also shoot with a Nikon D700, and its capabilities in low light continually blow me away.

I love the resulting images. In fact, the first image in the series is probably my favourite of 2011. I love the directional light and neutral colours that accentuate her glowing skin and lovely baby bump. I particularly love it because I know what lighting obstacles we needed to overcome to get them.