Beach Maternity Session | Eastern Suburbs Maternity Photographer

I had already photograped this beautiful Mumma-to-be, however, I had a few visions in my mind for a beach maternity session that I wanted to fulfill, so I asked Amanda if she would like to have a different type of session. Amanda is fun and loves to try new things so she met up with me at Coogee for our session. Each season, I like to shoot at a different beach. This season, I chose Coogee. It has great access and parking, which is perfect when I have a lot to carry. More importantly, I love the colours at Coogee, the rocks have beautiful warm colours in the rocks and deep greens scattered throughout the rocks too. This translates to beautiful imagery.

On the day of our shoot, there was a lot of seaweed. I was trying to scoop it away. I am sure I looked funny from behind trying to scoop it all up, but it really was a futile exercise. It was everywhere. So we embraced the seaweed as best we could. It does add colour and texture to the images, I think.

And I have to share a behind the scenes image from this shoot. Amanda's husband was a good sport (despite being unwell) and helped us manage the material in the wind. He was pivotal in getting these beautiful images.


Gorgeous maternity model | Sydney Maternity Photographer

I had a shoot with a model who needed updated maternity images for her portfolio. Needless to say, she was absolutely stunning! On the day of the shoot, the clouds were dark. As the day progressed, the clouds became darker and darker, until they were charcoal grey. It started to rain as I unloaded the car and the interior space that we planned to use was dark.

Then...I discovered the courtyard. It was enclosed, to keep us dry but it had an opening that let in the light in the most beautiful way. I also shoot with a Nikon D700, and its capabilities in low light continually blow me away.

I love the resulting images. In fact, the first image in the series is probably my favourite of 2011. I love the directional light and neutral colours that accentuate her glowing skin and lovely baby bump. I particularly love it because I know what lighting obstacles we needed to overcome to get them.


Stunning Mum-to-be | Sydney maternity photographer

Pregnant women really are incredibly beautiful. Ironically, most women who contact me for maternity photos don't always feel great about how they look. They feel uncomfortable and round! I can relate, as I have been there myself as well. However, without exception, my clients are always happy that they had their photos taken and always look back at them with fondness and without a critical eye. This beautiful client was no exception. I am sure you will agree, she is actually a stunning Mum-to-be.